Donald Trump entertains idea he might not actually serve as president if he wins election

Donald Trump entertained the idea of not serving as president if he wins the November general election, in a New York Times story published Thursday.

The Times brought up the scenario, asking whether Trump might go through the general election and win the presidency “only to forgo the office as the ultimate walk-off winner.”

In response to the hypothetical scenario presented, Trump “flashed a mischievous smile,” according to the Times.

“I’ll let you know how I feel about it after it happens,” he then said.

To be fair, the Times noted that it’s “entirely possible that Mr. Trump is playing coy to earn more news coverage.” But considering Trump’s unconventional path to winning the Republican presidential nomination, and his background as a billionaire businessman rather than a public servant, some have questioned whether Trump really wants the presidency.

Thomas Barrack Jr., a real estate investor who is close friends with Trump, told the Times that he’s “not going to pull out.” And Roger Stone, a longtime political adviser of Trump’s, told the newspaper that Trump would definitely serve if he won.

“I’m fairly certain about that,” Stone said. “You think he’d resign? I don’t see that happening. There is only one star in the Donald Trump show, and that’s Donald Trump.”

Trump will run against Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and senator from New York.

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