GOP focus group describes Donald Trump as 'inevitable'

They like and are planning to vote for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). But most Republicans surveyed in a new focus group in South Carolina, the next nominating state on the GOP side, saw a Trump victory in the state as “inevitable.”

The focus group, conducted by Bloomberg Politics and the firm Purple Strategies, gave evidence of some of Trump’s potential weaknesses in Southern states. The nominating contest will shift heavily there in the coming weeks, with South Carolina voting February 20 and many of the “SEC primary” states voting on March 1.

The voters in the focus group shared concerns about Trump’s religiosity and his supposed crassness.

None of the 10 voters who participated believed Trump to be a religious person. Most raised their hands when Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin asked if they were “troubled” by that.

Halperin then played clips of Trump using or mimicking profanity in a number of stump speeches. One woman buried her face in her hands.

“It’s crass,” she said. “It’s not how you want your president to present” himself, she said.

Still, while all but one voter picked Cruz over Trump for their personal votes, the vast majority expected Trump to come out on top in next week’s South Carolina primary.

“One thing that Trump does is he has a very passionate crowd of people that follow him,” one woman said. “And I think that the thing that’s going against the other candidates is, they’re tired of the same old, same old. And he is that person.”


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