Donald Trump had a monster night -- here's how he did it

Donald Trump, a celebrity businessman with no formal political experience, soared Tuesday to the most dominating Republican Party primary victory in New Hampshire in 16 years.

Exit polls conducted in the Granite State on Tuesday showed how he was able to pull off what ended up being about a 19-point win over Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R). The results found deep discontent within the Republican electorate for the party’s political establishment, as well as growing concerns about the state of the US economy.

Trump won New Hampshire by carrying large pluralities of the vote across many demographics and sub-groups, according to the exit polls. He scored at least 29% of the vote in each of New Hampshire’s 10 counties.

Here’s a look at some areas where Trump won:

  • Men and women voters broke 37% and 32% for the mogul, respectively.
  • He topped the field across all age groups.
  • He won with voters who have completed various levels of education — including an astounding 46% of those who have a high-school degree or less. Trump also won 41% among white voters without a college degree. They made up about 45% of the electorate.
  • He came out on top with all income levels, including garnering 39% from voters making less than $50,000 a year.
  • His support among Republicans and independents who voted in the GOP primary — 35% — was identical.
  • He won with both conservative (36%) and moderate (32%) primary voters.

Trump also showed strength with voters on policy matters and other issues:

  • 31% who said the economy was the most important issue chose Trump, while he won a whopping 52% support from voters who said illegal immigration was the nation’s top issue.
  • Among those who said electability was the top quality for a candidate to have, 32% chose Trump. He also won 65% support from voters who said their top quality was a candidate who “tells it like it is.”
  • 64% of Republican primary voters said there should be a temporary ban on Muslims coming into the US, a reference to the provocative Trump proposal to do exactly that. Of those voters, Trump won 44%.

Finally, Trump supporters were apparently enthusiastic about their candidate. Of his supporters, about seven in 10 said their vote was a “strong endorsement” for Trump. Less than 30% said they had some reservations.

During a Wednesday “Morning Joe” interview, Trump gave a nod to his supporters’ excitement.

“Well, I’ve had a great relationship with the people of New Hampshire,” he said.

“Every event we had we were packed,” Trump added. “We had hundreds and hundreds of people, sometimes thousands of people outside on small venues. I mean, you’d have a small venue that holds 200 people — it would have 3,000, 4,000 people standing outside.”

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