TRUMP: 'Wiseguy' Mitt Romney 'demeaned himself' by reading mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel

Donald Trump tore into “wiseguy” Mitt Romney on Wednesday, in response to the former GOP presidential nominee reading “mean tweets” from Trump and his supporters¬†on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” the night before.

“I think [Romney] is a wiseguy. He should be trying unify the party, not tear the party apart,” Trump said during a Fox & Friends interview Wednesday. “He demeaned himself by doing that.”

“I don’t think he should have been reading the tweets, the negative tweets,” he continued. “Why is he doing that? I thought it was demeaning — nothing to do with me. I thought it was demeaning to him.”

Watch Trump’s response below:

“I think [Romney] is a wiseguy…he should be trying unify the party, not tear the party apart.” @realDonaldTrump
— FOX & Friends (@foxandfriends) March 9, 2016


“I thought it was demeaning to him.” @realDonaldTrump on Romney reading “mean tweets” about himself on Jimmy Kimmel
— FOX & Friends (@foxandfriends) March 9, 2016

Romney read multiple negative tweets on Kimmel’s show last night, including one from Trump himself.

“Mitt Romney had his chance and blew it. Lindsey Graham ran for president, got ZERO, and quit! Why are they now spokesmen against me? Sad!” the Trump tweet read.

To which Romney responded, “The only people I know who got zero were the ones who paid 25 grand to be at Trump University.”

Romney and Trump have been engaged in a vicious back and forth throughout the past week, with the battle peaking on Thursday when Romney gave a speech denouncing Trump. The mogul fired back in a rally later that day.

Watch Romney read mean tweets below:

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