‘Like a dog’: Donald Trump impersonates Mitt Romney ‘choking’ in the 2012 election

Donald Trump livened up his Tuesday rally in Rome, New York, with an impression of former Republican nominee Mitt Romney supposedly “choking” in the 2012 presidential election.

After lamenting the fact that Republicans haven’t won an election in the last two cycles, he called out the former Massachusetts governor for failing to beat President Barack Obama in 2012. Romney, who has been critical of the current Republican frontrunner, and Trump have engaged in a long-running back and forth during the 2016 cycle.

“The RNC hasn’t won an important election in a long time,” Trump said. “We’ve had Obama far too long.”

He then punctuated his point by grabbing his neck to imitate Romney “choking.”

Trump choking GIF
Donald Trump. Screenshot/RightSide Broadcasting

“The last election should have been won, except Romney choked like a dog. He choked. He went,” Trump paused to grab his neck and imitate choking and then said, “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe, he said.”

He continued: “Romney choked. … Romney can’t recover from a choke.”

Trump contended that Romney “went into a house” and “disappeared” for the last month of the 2012 election.

“What the hell happened to him?” Trump asked.

He then acknowledged that he endorsed Romney in 2012.

“You wouldn’t believe this, but I actually backed him, raised a lot of money and other things, and he failed,” Trump said.

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