Donald Trump Wants You To Have Dinner With Him

Here’s the ad that Mitt Romney’s campaign is using to fundraise. It’s the answer to the “Meet George Clooney and Bill Clinton” (upcoming) fundraisers from the Obama campaign:

Donald Trump


Donald Trump: An interesting choice for top Romney surrogate, considering all the crazy birther stuff and how it’s come back in the news again these days (even he’s tweeting stuff!). Seems like Democrats will hit this in 3…2…

Donald Trump

Photo: Twitter/Screenshot

And then his top political aide, Michael Cohen, went on ABC and said this:

“As a counter to the Obama-George Clooney event, Mitt Romney has yet again called upon Mr. Trump to provide a little bit of excitement and star power for supporters of Gov. Romney. … Donald Trump has been the single most significant surrogate for Governor Romney and has pledged his continued assistance to ensure that Obama is limited to being a one-term president.”

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