Donald Trump will sit down with Megyn Kelly for an hour-long TV special

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly will interview Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for an hour-long special set to air next month.

In a statement on Monday, Fox News confirmed that Trump would appear for a sit-down interview with the popular Fox News anchor, the first since Trump began accusing Kelly in August of maintaining a supposed bias against him.

“Mr. Trump and I sat down together for a meeting earlier this month at my request,” Kelly said in the statement.

She added: “He was gracious with his time and I asked him to consider an interview. I am happy to announce he has agreed, and I look forward to a fascinating exchange — our first sit-down interview together in nearly a year.”

Speculation about a potential interview began after Kelly held a secret meeting with the real-estate magnate at Trump Tower earlier this month.

Trump has regularly raised eyebrows throughout the campaign for his frequent criticisms of the Fox News anchor, coming after Kelly grilled Trump during the first Republican presidential debate in August.

Trump responded then by claiming that she had blood “coming out of her wherever,” which critics labelled a sexist attack. The real-estate magnate also retweeted a supporter’s tweets that referred to Kelly as a “bimbo.”

Though Trump regularly appears on Fox for interviews, Kelly is notably one of the few prime-time anchors with whom Trump has not sat down. Beyond his refusal to appear on her show, the former reality-television star also boycotted one of the debates Kelly moderated in January.

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