Donald Trump just dramatically drank a bottle of water in order to taunt Marco Rubio

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump continued his tirade against fellow candidate Marco Rubio’s previous episodes involving sweat and dry mouth.

During a Friday rally, he pulled out a bottle of water from his podium and exclaimed “It’s Marco!”

The bit was clearly in reference to Rubio’s 2013 State of the Union response where he stopped mid-speech to grab a bottle of water and take a drink.

Trump then sprayed water from the bottle around the front of the stage and tossed the bottle.

Here’s Trump’s dramatic rendition:

Earlier in the day, Rubio took shots at Trump for an alleged “meltdown” backstage during Thursday night’s GOP debate.

Let me tell you, during one of the breaks — two of the breaks — he went backstage. He was having a meltdown. First he had this little makeup thing, applying makeup around his mustache, because he had one of those sweat mustaches. Then he asked for a full-length mirror. I don’t know why, because the podium goes up to here. Maybe he was making sure his pants weren’t wet. I don’t know.

Trump fired back later in the day during a press conference in which New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a former presidential candidate who has previously railed on Rubio, endorsed the New York real-estate magnate,

“I’ll tell you about backstage,” Trump said.

Trump continued:

He’s with a pile of makeup putting it on his face, I said Marco, easy with the makeup, you don’t need that much. You know the story with Marco. I watched Marco with this man [Christie]. Where Marco, he was right over here I asked him I said are you ok? He looked like he just came out of a swimming pool. He was a mess.

Trump said Rubio was putting makeup on with a “trowel.”

“He’s a nervous Nellie,” Trump claimed. “I watched him backstage, he’s a mess, the guy’s a total mess. I joked recently, could you imagine Putin sitting there waiting for a meeting, and Rubio walks in and he’s totally drenched? I don’t know what it is but I have never seen a human being sweat like this man sweats.”

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