Donald Trump just let someone feel his hair in the middle of a campaign speech

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump started a Thursday campaign speech by letting one of his supporters touch his famous hair to prove it’s real.

Speaking in Greenville, South Carolina, Trump pulled out a copy of the day’s New York Times, which featured a story on the Spanish-language media’s hostility to his presidential campaign.

Trump noted that the very first sentence of the story reported that one radio show host calls Trump “El hombre del peluquín” — or the man of the toupee.

Trump began by mocking The Times. 

“You mind  if I put on my glasses?” Trump asked his supporters. “The print gets smaller and smaller and smaller as they lose more and more money. It’s tough. It’s true. Do you remember how big those pages used to be?” 

The Republican businessman then blasted the notion that he wears a toupee.

“I don’t wear a toupee. It’s my hair! I swear!” he exclaimed. 

He then invited a woman up onto the stage to prove his hair is real.

“Come here. Come here. We’re going to settle this,” he said. “You have to do an inspection here. This is getting crazy. This is crazy. Just real quick; we don’t want to mess it up too much because I do use hairspray.”

The woman gently touched his head and declared the hair authentic.

“Thank you. Nice to meet you. Somebody’s got a very nice wife,” Trump responded. “I don’t know who she is.”

Here’s a clip of her touching his hair.

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