Donald Trump let Jimmy Fallon mess up his hair

Jimmy Fallon messes up Donald Trumps hair tonight show nbc

Jimmy Fallon definitely asked Donald Trump some tough questions about real issues, but he didn’t pass up the chance to touch on a lighter issue: Trump’s hair.

“The next time I see you, you could be the president of the United States,” the host told Trump on Thursday’s episode. “I just wanted to know if there’s something that we can do that’s not presidential, really, that we can do now that we’re both civilians.”

Trump responded, “Like what? I’m not liking the sound, go ahead.”

Fallon then asked, “Can I mess your hair up?”

The crowd cheered while Trump grimaced at the question. 

“The answer is yes,” he said. “But the people of New Hampshire, where I’m going to be in about an hour from now, I hope they’re going to understand.”

Fallon didn’t give Trump much time to change his mind before digging his hand into the mogul’s intricately styled locks.

Watch Fallon mess up Trump’s hair below:

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