Donald Trump deletes tweet linking Jeb Bush to Nazis

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump shared another unfortunate tweet Tuesday night.

The retweet contained a cascade of imagery attacking former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, Trump’s Republican presidential rival, for supporting “amnesty.”

In the top right corner of the image, there was a photo of Bush family members next to a Nazi flag, containing a swastika, and the text, in all caps: “The Bush crime family.” 

The text of the tweet added: “ADIOS, JEB aka JOSÉ.”

Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks told Business Insider on Wednesday that the businessman had simply not seen the image attached to the tweet.

“This was retweeted by Mr. Trump like hundreds of others. He did not see the accompanying image and the retweet has since been deleted,” she said.

The Republican front-runner, who often retweets storms of supporters late into the night, has deleted other controversial tweets in the past.

Last month he deleted a retweet of someone who suggested Iowa voters had brain issues for supporting another Republican presidential rival, Ben Carson. And in July, a Trump tweet accidentally showed Nazi infantry in the background of an image.

Both incidents were blamed on a “young intern.” Bush campaign spokeswoman Kristy Campbell suggested the same would be the case with the Tuesday night tweet:

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