Donald Trump is still taunting Jeb Bush on the campaign trail

Even after taking himself out of the running for president, Jeb Bush can’t catch a break from Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

At a campaign rally in Nevada on Tuesday, Trump said he read a newspaper article that called Bush’s campaign performance “brilliant.”

“Sure, he spent $150 million and I spent practically nothing. Sure, I am in first place, and he was at the bottom of the heap. He ran a brilliant campaign folks, it was brilliant,” Trump said sarcastically as the audience laughed.

Bush, who began the race as the Republican frontrunner, saw his fortunes sink over the course of last year.

Trump relentlessly mocked Bush throughout much of this period, taunting him for campaigning with “mummy,” teasing him for wearing contacts, and tweeting strange, altered images of the candidate. Bush ultimately withdrew from the race last weekend after finishing fourth in South Carolina’s primary.

On Tuesday, Trump told his supporters that Bush was a “very nice person.” But he also bragged about defeating Bush, whom he continued hammering for attacking him in the past.

“He was not nice to me, I will tell you, he was not nice to me, and he ran millions and millions of negative ads,” Trump said, referring to Bush’s super PAC.

“They had it planned, he was the presumptive winner,” he added.

Though Sens. Marco Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz customarily praised Bush after he exited the race, Trump hasn’t expressed much respect for his former rival.

In a Sunday interview with CNN, Trump said he didn’t know why Bush’s campaign failed.

“Jeb fought very hard,” Trump said. “It wasn’t his time. That’s all.”

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