Donald Trump Is Trying To Buy The New York Times (Seriously)

Donald Trump

Photo: lev radin /

Try not to laugh, but Donald Trump is exploring how he could buy the New York Times, Joe Hagan at New York Magazine reports:According to sources familiar with the situation, Trump has engaged in more than one meeting to discuss how he might buy the Grey Lady. Details of Trump’s strategy remain scant.

Hagan notes that it’s highly unlikely the Sulzberger family, which controls the New York Times would ever sell to Trump.

Trump has some sense of timing! A few years ago the Times was really getting knocked around. If he was serious about mounting a bid, that was the time to do it. Today, the Times, while not perfect, is in much better shape.

We have no idea how serious Trump is about his interest in the New York Times. For his sake, we hope it’s not too serious. Because it will be a very expensive endeavour that goes nowhere.

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