Donald Trump is about to say he's worth $9 billion dollars

AP221075937010AP/Randall HillDonald Trump.

A source confirmed to Business Insider that real estate mogul and reality television star plans to release a two page document on Tuesday that will list his net worth at $US9 billion.

Trump, who has said he may launch a 2016 campaign, also has a “major announcement” scheduled for Tuesday. The Washington Post, which was first to report Trump’s plans to detail $US9 billion in assets in an article published Monday, said the disclosure will be “part of his likely entry into the race for the Republican presidential nomination.”

Trump has previously flirted with the possibility of making a White House bid in multiple other election cycles, which has led many observers to doubt his intentions this year. In an interview with Business Insider in April, Trump said he plans to “surprise a lot of people” in 2016.

According to the Washington Post, the document detailing Trump’s assets will “provide a valuation of his hotels and other properties, … show hundreds of millions in cash on hand and an outline of his debt.” If he is indeed worth $US9 billion, his fortune is far greater than was previously believed.

Forbes estimated Trump’s net worth to be $US4.1 billion as of last month. This makes him the 405th richest person in the world on Forbes’ billionaires list. A net worth of $US9 billion would mean Trump was the 142nd richest person on the list.

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