Donald Trump Is Furious That Obama Spent So Much Time Praising China

Donald Trump President

Photo: Illustration by Business Insider

Donald Trump is on CNBC right now railing against China. It’s not the first time.Trump is upset that Obama spent so much time talking about China last night. “This wasn’t supposed to be a speech about China, it was a speech about America.”

“I thought that was inappropriate to have in the speech, especially in light of what’s happening with China.” Trump says. “China is not a friend.”

Trump — who may or may not be running for president in 2012 — admits the paradox of hating on China when he has to do business with them constantly. “I buy from China,” he says, because China is the only one who makes products he needs like glass. Last week he says he sold an apartment to someone from China for $33.

His big sticking point on China is fair trade. Trump says America lets Chinese goods in the border freely, while China subsidizes exports (directly and through monetary policy).

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