Donald Trump: 'If I get elected, you may get bored with winning'

Donald Trump said that if he is elected president, the US might get very bored — bored of winning.

At a Tea Party-themed rally in Washington on Wednesday, the current Republican presidential front-runner declared that his presidency would be so successful that Americans would be tired of so much triumph.

“We will have If I get elected, you may get bored with winning,” Trump said.

But as the crowd cheered, he quickly reversed his statement.

“I agree: We’ll never get bored with winning,” he said.

The event, which was a rally sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots, focused on opposition to the international nuclear agreement with Iran ahead of critical votes in Congress. Trump mostly stuck to the hallmarks of his campaign stump speeches while slamming the Iran deal. He insisted that the US has “stupid” leaders, and he claimed he has never seen a worse deal than the current agreement with Iran.

“Never ever, ever in my life have I seen any transaction as incompetent as our deal with Iran,” Trump said.

The nuclear deal, which appears almost certain to survive a challenge from congressional Republicans, eases international sanctions on Iran in exchange for the country curbing its nuclear program.

Providing more boisterous claims, Trump also promised to enlarge the military so much that it would deter all enemies from acting against US interests.

“We’re going to have such a strong military that nobody will mess with us. We’re not going to have to use it,” Trump said.

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