Donald Trump confronts debate moderator: 'Very few people listen to your radio show'

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump apparently was not happy with a question he got from a CNN debate moderator.

During the Thursday-night Republican debate, Trump asked co-moderator Hugh Hewitt whether he would pose any other questions to any other Republican presidential candidates.

Hewitt, a conservative radio host, occasionally took a turn asking the candidates questions during the debate.

“Are you going to ask anybody else a question? Every single question comes to me?” Trump said. “I know I’m good for the ratings, but it’s a little ridiculous.”

Hewitt then attempted to push Trump to pledge to release his tax returns, an issue on which the mogul has been confronted by 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney over the past few days. Trump then claimed that Hewitt’s radio show didn’t have very many listeners.

“First of all, very few people listen to your radio show, that’s the good news. That happens to be true, look at the ratings.”

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