'She lied about TPP': Donald Trump rips Hillary Clinton on trade after Terry McAuliffe said she'd flip-flop and vote for TPP

Donald Trump ripped Hillary Clinton Wednesday for her stance on trade after Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe — the closest of Clinton allies — said she’d flip-flop and vote to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“She lied about TPP,” Trump said at a Wednesday news conference. “She was for TPP; she saw me on television knocking the hell out of it because it’s a horror show it’s going to kill all our jobs, it’s going to be almost as bad as NAFTA, maybe worse, which her husband signed, which destroyed this country, destroyed manufacturing in the United States.”

Trump said that her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, who he incorrectly said was from New Jersey, is one of TPP’s biggest proponents and that McAuliffe’s Tuesday statement to Politico was extremely telling because no one knows her better.

“Her VP is one of the biggest proponents of TPP and now he’s against it? Bernie Sanders was right, he was against it,” Trump said. “The day she gets in, which hopefully will never happen, she will approve TPP and that will be another disaster.”

The Republican nominee repeated his argument that Clinton only switched her stance on TPP, which she supported as secretary of state, because of his position.

McAuliffe said Tuesday that Clinton “understands” that China will “break the rules” if TPP isn’t approved.

“I worry that if we don’t do TPP, at some point China’s going to break the rules — but Hillary understands this,” he told Politico. “Once the election’s over, and we sit down on trade, people understand a couple things we want to fix on it, but going forward, we got to build a global economy.”

He said she’d reverse her current stance against the historic trade agreement, which is pending ratification in Congress.

“Yes,” he said. “Listen, she was in support of it. There were specific things in it she wanted fixed.”

Both Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and campaign spokesman Brian Fallon have insisted that McAuliffe is wrong and that Clinton has not supported the deal during the primary campaign, will not support it during the general election, and will not look to pass it once elected.

Watch Trump’s comments below:


.@realDonaldTrump hits #HillaryClinton on TPP: “She saw me on television knocking the hell out of it.” pic.twitter.com/K4gcqjx6kd
— Fox News (@FoxNews) July 27, 2016

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