Trump: Clinton doesn't have the 'physical stamina' to defeat ISIS

In a major foreign-policy address on Monday, Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton for not being physically capable of facing terrorism and other challenges the country faces.

The Republican presidential nominee ticked off a list of what he described as “failures” of the former secretary of state’s foreign policy, and then said that she does not have the “physical stamina” to face terrorism.

“Incident after incident proves again and again, Hillary Clinton lacks the judgment, as said by Bernie Sanders, stability, and temperament, and the moral character, to lead our nation,” Trump said of the Democratic presidential nominee.

“Importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS and all of the many adversaries we face, not only in terrorism, but in trade, and every other challenge we must confront to turn our great country around.”

Trump claimed that he opposed the war in Iraq, which he argues led to the rise of the terrorist group ISIS. Trump also attacked Clinton for other interventions in the Middle East.

“The failures in Iraq were compounded by Hillary Clinton’s disaster, total disaster, in Libya,” Trump said. “President Obama has since said that he regrets, and really regrets, Libya and the mistake he made. He considers it his worst mistake.”

He also echoed a tamer version of controversial statements he made last week when he referred to Clinton and President Barack Obama as “co-founder” of ISIS.

“With one episode of bad judgement after another, Hillary Clinton’s policies launched ISIS onto the world stage,” Trump said. “Yet, as she threw the Middle East into violent turmoil, things turned out really to be not so hot for our world and our country, the Middle East in particular. The Clintons made almost $60 million in gross income while she was Secretary of State. It is unbelievable.”

Trump said that with him as president, the US would no longer partake in nation-building efforts like those undertaken in Iraq, a war launched by Republican President George W. Bush.

“It is now time for a new approach,” Trump said. “Our current strategy of nation-building and regime change is a proven, absolute failure. We have created the vacuums that allow terrorism to grow and thrive.”

Trump’s speech, which was billed as a major policy address that would touch on his strategy for defeating terrorism, comes as he dives in the polls and faces criticism from Republicans within the foreign policy establishment.

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