Donald Trump suggests if he loses Pennsylvania in November, it's because of cheating

Donald Trump appears to be hedging his bets in Pennsylvania ahead the November election.

“The only way we can lose, in my opinion, I really mean this, Pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on,” Trump told attendees at a campaign rally in Altoona, Pennsylvania, on Friday.

“The only way they can beat it, in my opinion, and I mean this 100 per cent, is if in certain sections of the state they cheat,” he added.

The Republican presidential nominee suggested that law enforcement officials should get involved.

The Manhattan billionaire even encouraged his supporters to “watch and study” people “in certain areas” of the state on Election Day to “make sure people don’t come in and vote five times.”

“Because if you do that … we’re not going to lose,” Trump said.

“I hope I win. I’m going to feel very, very foolish if I don’t win,” Trump told the crowd.

Poll numbers in Pennsylvania are not favouring him at the moment.

Clinton is leading Trump by as much as 11 points overall there, according to the four most recent polls in the state featured on RealClearPolitics this week.

Nationally, Clinton’s lead is smaller, with just over 6 points on Donald Trump. based on the average of several polls taken betweet August 1 and August 11.

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