TRUMP: 'Desperate' Hillary Clinton is afraid of my surging campaign

AP/Seth WenigDonald Trump.

Real-estate magnate and presidential candidate Donald Trump just released another colourful statement on illegal immigration and Hillary Clinton.

The Republican businessman’s latest missive slams the former Secretary of State Clinton for her recent “desperate” and “sad” criticism of him.

Trump theorised that Clinton was attacking him because she was wary of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), who is gaining traction in the 2016 Democratic primary.

“Failing candidate Hillary Clinton, who is desperately trying to hold on to her lead in the democratic primary against Bernie Sanders, is knowingly putting out lies about my stance on illegal immigration,” Trump said.

Trump is in the center of a national media firestorm over his frequent comments bashing Mexico for supposedly sending “rapists,” drug runners, and other criminals to the US. Many Republicans and Democrats have criticised Trump and called his remarks offensive to Mexican immigrants.

“It was appalling to hear Donald Trump describe immigrants as drug dealers, rapists and criminals,” Clinton said Monday, according to The Wall Street Journal.

But Trump says he’s just telling the truth about criminals crossing the border. Indeed, Trump’s Tuesday statement said the controversy has “already been settled given the absolute accuracy” of his arguments.

“She is desperate, she is sad, and she is obviously very nervous when she has to revert to issues that have already been settled given the absolute accuracy of my statement. She speaks about ‘my tone’ and that’s the problem with our country’s leaders. They are more worried about tone than results! It’s not about being nice— it’s about being competent,” he continued.

Trump also bashed Clinton over her email controversy and attacked former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) for his alleged lacklustre candidacy.

“Hillary should spend more time producing her illegally hidden emails and less time trying to obfuscate a statement by me that is totally clear and obviously very much accepted by the public as true. I am honored, however, that she is attacking me, instead of Jeb Bush,” Trump concluded. “Obviously she knows that JEB is no longer her real competition. The last person she wants to face is Donald Trump.”

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