Donald Trump rants on Twitter ahead of Hillary Clinton's big foreign-policy attack

Donald Trump is trying to get out in front of Hillary Clinton’s big foreign-policy speech Thursday by launching counterattacks on his Twitter account.

Clinton’s speech in California will focus on Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, and his supposed lack of national-security credentials. Trump, in turn, has questioned Clinton’s fitness for the position of commander in chief.

He spread his tweet attacks out throughout the day:




Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, plans to cast Trump as different from any other nominee in recent history and “fundamentally unfit” for the role of commander in chief.

Republicans joined Trump in attacking Clinton over foreign policy on Thursday — the party released a memo headlined, “Hillary Clinton: A Disaster For US National Security.” A line at the top of the memo reads, “A Failure As Secretary Of State Who Defends The Weak Obama Administration Foreign Policy Cannot Be Trusted With Our Security.”

The memo quoted a series of news articles about Clinton’s foreign policy and defined “top takeaways,” including Clinton’s refusal to “categorise the terrorist threat as ‘radical Islam,'” Clinton’s support of President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran that “legitimises and empowers” the “hostile” nation, and Clinton’s support for the US military intervention in Libya, which it said is now “a safe haven for terrorists and has become an ISIS stronghold.”

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