TRUMP: 'Hillary and Obama created ISIS'

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump opened his Saturday-night rally by blasting the Obama administration’s approach to Iran and the Islamic State terror group.

“I’m pretty good at signals and I see a lot of things happening,” Trump said while speaking at a campaign stop in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The Republican presidential front-runner pointed to Iranian protesters sacking the Saudi Embassy in Tehran earlier in the day, after Saudi Arabia executed a prominent Shiite cleric.

“One thing I see out there just happened today in Tehran,” Trump said. “They’re burning down the Saudi Embassy, you see that? Now, what that is is Iran wants to take over Saudi Arabia. They always have. They want the oil, OK? They have always wanted that.”

In order to tout his ability to predict things, Trump cited his past calls for the US to bomb the oil assets of the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS.

“I’ve predicted a lot of things, you have to say, including, ‘Get the oil, take the oil, keep the oil.’ Right? I’ve been saying that for three years, and everybody said, ‘Oh, I can’t do that. I mean, this is a sovereign country. There is no country!” Trump exclaimed.

He then blamed both President Barack Obama and his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, for the Islamic State’s rise.

“They have a bunch of dishonest people,” he continued. “They have created ISIS. Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama — created with Obama. But I love predicting because you know, ultimately, you need somebody with vision.”

Trump and Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, have fiercely sparred in recent days. Trump took particular exception to Clinton saying that his provocative campaign-trail statements had become propaganda for the Islamic State.

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