TRUMP: People go to ‘fancy balls’ wearing Trump-branded caps

Donald trump maga ball
What Donald Trump may have looked like if he went back in time and visited Russia’s Ekaterininsky Palace ballroom floor in 1997. (Business Insider composite) (Trump: REUTERS/Rick Wilking. Background: AP Photo/Anatoly Maltsev)

Real-estate tycoon Donald Trump touted the strength of his campaign’s official caps at a Friday rally.

“Look at those beautiful hats,” Trump said of his supporters at the event in Urbandale, Iowa.

Trump then referenced a New York Times story from last year reporting that his “Make America Great Again” hats had become an “ironic summer accessory.”

“The hats have become so hot that The New York Times did a story: It’s one of the hottest accessories for women. Do you believe it? They go to fancy balls wearing the hat,” Trump claimed.

He also pointed at various people in his audience wearing authentic and inauthentic Trump hats.

“Hottest thing. There’s a man. That’s a real one. That’s one made in the USA. I know the difference,” he said. “Those aren’t made in the USA. They’re not mine [but] they have the right slogan.”

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