Donald Trump goes on riff about his 'large,' 'strong,' hands while speaking at press conference

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump defended the strength and size of his hands while speaking at a Saturday-night press conference.

“These are very strong hands. And they’re fairly large, actually,” Trump said, while celebrating his two wins out of four GOP contests held earlier in the day.

A reporter had asked Trump about a crude comment he made during Thursday’s debate. Trump referenced a crude joke rival Marco Rubio had made earlier in the week about the real-estate mogul’s hands.

Rubio had suggested that because Trump’s hands were small, his genitals might also be small. But Trump stunned many debate watchers by saying on the stage that he had “no problem” with his genitals or his hands.

Since then, Trump has repeatedly defended the size of his hands. At two Saturday campaign rallies, Trump claimed that his hands were so strong that he could hit a golf ball “285 yards.” At his press conference that night, Trump said he could “hit a ball 280 yards.”

“It’s very interesting because the day after he said that, I’m shaking hands with people. And everybody’s saying, ‘Wow, you have strong hands. You have very big hands,” Trump recalled. “What happened is Marco just made it up out of nowhere, because he’s a politician, and politicians lie and they say bad things.”

He added: “I didn’t bring it up. He brought it up. But I finished it.”

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