Data says: Don't dress as Donald Trump if you're looking for romance on Halloween

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Not all Halloween costumes are equally attractive to potential romantic partners, according to dating app PlentyOfFish. In fact, some are likely to scare them off: namely Donald Trump (and The Joker).

In a survey of 500 US singles over age 21, PlentyOfFish asked men and women which pop culture costumes they were most likely to dress as, and then which costumes they would find the most attractive on members of the opposite sex.

The results had some significant differences.


First let’s take a look at which costumes men were most likely to dress as:

Now lets take a look at what costumes women said they would be most likely to be attracted to:

What are the major differences? First, Batman and The Joker are roughly flipped, meaning men are a lot more likely to dress as The Joker, but women are more likely to be most attracted to Batman. Second, women are not attracted to Donald Trump. He came in last.

But perhaps the biggest surprise comes with Pikachu, who was chosen by just 2.1% of men, but chosen most attractive by 6.4% of women.


Moving onto women, here are what they chose as likely to dress as:

And the ones men were likely to be most attracted to:

The big takeaways from this one are that Netflix and Chill is less attractive relative to popularity, and Harley Quinn is more.

It must be said that, one, not everyone is looking for romance on Halloween, and two, this survey didn’t take same-sex attraction data into account.

Still, if you’re looking for love, you’re probably better off not dressing like The Donald.

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