Donald Trump muses about if he 'were there' during Paris attacks, armed with a gun

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump suggested at a Monday-night rally that he could have helped stop the recent terror attack in Paris, had he been there with a firearm.

“If I were there — I’m licensed to carry, I will tell you this — if I were there, if somebody were there, if we had some firepower in the opposite direction, those people would have been gone,” Trump said of the Paris attackers at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A coordinated team of attackers, wielding assault rifles and explosives, slaughtered more than 100 people in Paris in November. The terror attack was linked to the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS.

Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, frequently states that strict gun-control policies were partially to blame for both the Paris attack and the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, earlier this month.

“They drop a few people into these various rooms in France and they start shooting everybody. And by the way, … you talk about gun control? Paris has the toughest gun control, just about, in the entire world. France has the toughest gun control, just about, in the entire world,” Trump said Monday.

“If a few of those people that are now dead — if a few of those people had guns strapped to their ankles or strapped to their waists — you wouldn’t have the problem,” he continued. “You wouldn’t have the problem, right?”

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