Donald Trump: GOP is unified 'other than a small group who suffered massive, embarrassing losses'

Donald Trump dismissed claims that Sen. Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse the Republican nominee on Wednesday reflected a rift in the party.

In a tweet Thursday morning, Trump claimed that the Republican party was unified behind his candidacy, while simultaneously taking a shot at Cruz, who lost to Trump in the Republican primary and refused to endorse him in a high-profile convention speech.

“Other than a small group of people who have suffered massive and embarrassing losses, the party is VERY united. Great love in the arena!” Trump wrote.

Many prominent Republicans at the convention were furious at Cruz’s refusal to endorse Trump, subjecting the Texas senator and his wife to heckling and booing as they exited the convention arena.

Several prominent Congressional Republicans still have not endorsed Trump, including Sen. Ben Sasse, Sen. Mark Kirk, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Sen. Mike Lee, as well as leaders like former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and former presidents George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush.

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