TRUMP: 'Donald Trump gave $1 million' to the event he's hosting instead of the debate

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump began his Thursday-night charity event by touting all of the people — including himself — who wrote big checks for it.

Trump announced that he would suddenly host a fundraiser for veterans as an alternative to going to the Fox News primary debate.

Trump boycotted the event after repeatedly complaining about Fox host Megyn Kelly, one of the moderators at the debate, as well as the network overall.

“First, we have to talk about people that made a lot of money,” Trump began. “They wouldn’t have made a lot of money, they wouldn’t even be here, if it weren’t for the vets and our great military.”

“Carl Icahn gave $500,000. One quick phone call,” Trump said, referring to his fellow billionaire whose support he frequently touts on the campaign trail.

“Richard Lefrak, a great builder in New York, gave $100,000,” he continued. “Donald Trump, another great builder in New York — now a politician, I can’t stand this, a politician, I don’t want to be called a politician, all talk, no action, I refuse to be called a politician — Donald Trump gave $1 million.”

Trump then ticked off a number of other people who wrote big checks, which he said amounted to more than $5 million.

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