Donald Trump explodes on Twitter after another alleged Fox News snub

Real-estate magnate Donald Trump’s feud with Fox News is apparently back on again.

The Republican presidential front-runner had two seemingly pleasant Fox News interviews on Monday.

But after “The O’Reilly Factor” aired that evening, Trump fired off a raging tweetstorm about how unfairly the network was treating him. 

In one tweet, Trump wrote that host Bill O’Reilly “was very negative to me in refusing to post the great polls that came out today including NBC.”

Trump also said he has a hard time watching Fox News, blasted host Megyn Kelly’s “terrible show” as “the worst,” and asked O’Reilly why he keeps bringing boring “Trump haters” on to his show.

He further retweeted his supporters saying things like, “Fair and balanced my a–,” calling the Fox News guests “spoon fed morons,” and announcing that they no longer watch the network because of its bias.

That tweetstorm has continued into Tuesday morning.

It follows not one but two apparent ceasefires struck between Trump and Fox News last month.

The first truce was publicly brokered after Trump raged against Kelly for asking him supposedly unfair questions while moderating the first Republican primary debate. The fight culminated in an infamous comment about Kelly that many interpreted as a crude reference to menstruation. (Trump insisted that he would never say such a thing.) 

That détente ended after Trump again went after Kelly a couple weeks later. Trump released a flood of tweets that, among other things, promoted a supporter who called Kelly a “bimbo” and declared that her show was far better when she was on vacation.

The network then fired back at Trump in what some saw as a coordinated effort. But the real-estate developer eventually returned to doing regular Fox News interviews again in September, including Monday on “Fox & Friends” and “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren.

Screen Shot 2015 09 22 at 9.09.47 AMFox News/screengrabDonald Trump calls into

It wasn’t immediately clear what O’Reilly did to enrage Trump. (Business Insider reached out to Fox News for comment.)

But poll numbers are apparently a sensitive topic. Trump blasted other media organisations on Monday for focusing more on a CNN poll that showed his support slumping rather than more favourable polls from NBC and Zogby.

During his show, O’Reilly also chided Trump and other candidates for engaging the media’s “loaded questions about Muslims, physical appearances, and who has more pep.”

In a subsequent interview with conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer, the frequent Trump critic told O’Reilly that he shouldn’t blame the media for those issues popping up on the campaign trail.

“He’s the one who said of Carly Fiorina, ‘Look at that face,'” Krauthammer said of Trump. “And he’s the one who’s gone on and on and on in just about every speech about how … Jeb Bush is a ‘very, very, low-energy guy. He’s got this teeny, tiny, weeny energy. While Trump has this giant, big, huge energy.’ And you need a psychiatrist to deconstruct that.”

View Trump’s full tweetstorm below:

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