Donald Trump Admits Under Oath That He’s Exaggerated How Much Money He’s Made

donald trump apprentice

Eliot Spitzer has found a new target.

For much of the week Spitzer has been laser focused on revealing whether Donald Trump‘s finances are actually as good as he says they are. 

Last night he and CNN legal analyst Jeff Toobin pulled out a transcript of Trump’s deposition during the 2007 lawsuit as undeniable proof Trump has been exaggerating the size of his funds.

Look, there were literally dozens of contradictions throughout his deposition. Discrepancies between what Donald Trump says and the facts as presented.

Listen to this exchange in the depositions. The lawyer asks him, have you ever lied in public statements about your properties? Trump says he tries to be truthful, but then he adds this, “I’m no different from a politician running for office. You don’t want to say negative things.”

Then the lawyer asks him, have you ever exaggerated in statements about your properties? His response, “I think everyone does.”

You know what? That’s not true.

It’s probably a little bit true.  At least as far as people who’ve built a brand on being rich go.  And that’s Trump’s brand.  It’s also why Trump is hedging on disclosing the details, because the truth of Trump’s bank account could likely (sadly) do more damage than all his idiotic birthering put together. 

The above mentioned lawsuit, by the way, was the one in which Trump sued author Tim O’Brien over the book, “Trump Nation: The Art of Being the Donald” because O’Brien reported, among other things, that Trump was not as rich as he said he was.  Oh irony.  Suffice to say, it’s been a sore spot long before now.  Video below.