Here are the results from Donald Trump's physical examination

Donald Trump on Thursday released a letter from his doctor summarizing his latest physical examination as the health of both presidential candidates takes center stage in the campaign.

Trump’s physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, wrote that Trump is in “excellent health.”

Bornstein added that Trump was hospitalized only once in his life, which was when he was 11-years-old. The reason for Trump’s hospitalisation was to have his appendix removed.

Trump’s doctor of more than 30 years said the Republican nominee is 6’3 and weighs 236 pounds.

“Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, who is setting records for number of events, size of crowds, and breadth of travel on the campaign trail, determined in light of increased scrutiny of candidates’ health, it was important to have a detailed physical examination for all the various standard tests attributable thereto,” the Trump campaign said in a news release.

The campaign added the exam took place on Friday, prior to Hillary Clinton’s recent health episode on Sunday.

“All of the detailed results are enclosed,” the campaign said. “We are pleased to disclose all of the test results which show that Mr. Trump is in excellent health, and has the stamina to endure — uninterrupted — the rigors of a punishing and unprecedented presidential campaign and, more importantly, the singularly demanding job of President of the United States.”

The Manhattan billionaire taped an interview with TV’s Dr. Mehmet Oz to discuss his health. That interview is set to air Thursday. Clinton, along with her running mate Tim Kaine, released letters from their doctors describing their health on Wednesday. Clinton’s doctor said she was physically fit to serve as president.

Read the full letter for Bornstein below:


Donald Trump medical records

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