Donald Trump has delayed his state visit to the UK following huge protests

LONDON — Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK has been postponed because of fears of the huge public anger he would face were he to arrive in the country within the next few months.

Trump’s arrival had been scheduled for this June. However, the Sun newspaper reports that the White House have agreed to delay it until October in order to allow the row over his visit to “die down”.

“Trump still really wants to come this year, but he wants the heat to die down a bit first,” a government source told the paper.

The prospect of a state visit by Trump has already caused huge public protests right across the UK, with tens of thousands gathering in cities and towns across Britain to voice their opposition.

Organiser of the Stop Trump coalition Owen Jones today described the news as a “huge victory” and “one of more to come”.

Not welcome in Parliament

Last month the House of Commons speaker John Bercow was applauded in Parliament after effectively banning Trump from addressing parliamentarians.

MPs also took part in several hours of debate about Trump’s visit during which he was labelled a racist, sexist and somebody with “protozoan” levels of intelligence.

A UK government source told the Sun that “the White House watch what happens over here surprisingly closely, and they don’t want to create a scene for our sake either.”

Ministers had initially considered moving the state visit to a private event Birmingham, where they believed the president would receive a less harsh welcome than in London.

However, that plan now appears to have been jettisoned with the visit now pencilled in for October 5th to 8th, when MPs will be on recess from Parliament. The date would also allow Trump to visit the Queen at her Balmoral retreat in Scotland.

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