TRUMP: No more debates

Donald Trump said Friday that he is done with the Republican primary debates.

The morning after the 12th Republican presidential debate, Trump said he had had enough.

“I think we’ve had enough debates. I mean, how many times do you have to give the same answer to the same question?” Trump said at a press conference.

The GOP frontrunner was responding to a question about an upcoming, March 21 debate, and whether his suggestion is that “we’ve had enough.”

Last month, Trump lamented that the debates had become predictable and wondered out loud why he was continuing to do them.

Trump had nothing but praise on Friday for the “very elegant debate last night,” but he signalled that he wasn’t inclined to do any more such events:

I think it will be nice to finish off with this one. I thought CNN did a fantastic job last night. I thought that Jake [Tapper] was a great moderator. It was just a really nice way to finish off the debate season. But I really think it’s enough debates. I don’t think there’s any reason for the debates.

“I know they’re getting very big ratings,” he said.

“I think we’ve had enough. Look, the networks want them. I don’t think any of the candidates want them, at this point,” he added.

Trump is hoping to essentially lock up the Republican nomination next week with big wins in Ohio and Florida.

If he wins both, it would be difficult for his primary rivals to stop him without a jarring development in the race. If he loses both, the primary would likely continue to slog forward for at least another batch of contests.

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