In A Surprise Twist, Donald Trump Is Donating To David Axelrod's New Charity

There was a bizarre exchange between Obama senior adviser Axelrod and Donald Trump on Twitter today.

First, Axelrod threw a lighthearted tweet at Trump, telling him the campaign saved him $5 million by not agreeing to Trump’s self-imposed “deadline” to release Barack Obama’s college transcripts. He urged him to donate it instead to his newly formed charity:

Donald Trump

Photo: Twitter/@davidaxelrod

Less than 40 minutes later, Trump agreed, saying he would send Axelrod a check. He added that his daughter says hello:

Donald Trump

Photo: Twitter/@realdonaldtrump

Trump has grabbed headlines throughout the last year and a half of the campaign. In late October, he claimed he had a big announcement that would change the scope of the election, which ended up being an offer to donate to a charity of Obama’s choice if he released his college and passport records

During the final week of the campaign, Axelrod agreed to a bet with MSNBC host Joe Scarborough: If Obama lost one of Pennsylvania, Michigan or Minnesota on Election Day, he would shave his mustache. Obama won all three, but Axelrod agreed to shave it if the charity raises $1 million for a cure.

Here’s a recap of Trump’s post-election rant >

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