Donald Trump rebuffs conservative group by dropping out of a major right-wing conference

Conservatives are up-in-arms after GOP frontrunner Donald Trump decided to drop out of the prominent Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland on Saturday.

He did so less than 24 hours before he was scheduled to speak; his address was scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

“Very disappointed [Trump] has decided at the last minute to drop out of #CPAC — his choice sends a clear message to conservatives,” the event’s Twitter account posted shortly after Trump’s mid-day announcement.

Trump’s campaign released a statement that said because the candidate was speaking Saturday in Wichita, Kansas, for a “major rally” prior to the state’s caucuses, Trump would not be able to speak at the event.

“Mr. Trump would like to thank [American Conservative Union Chairman] Matt Schlapp and all of the executives at CPAC and looks forward to returning to next year, hopefully as President of the United States,” the Trump statement read.

Trump has spoken at the event for each of the past three years.

His competitors, Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas, as well as Ohio Gov. John Kasich, are all also slated to give addresses at the event.

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