Actually, Donald Trump Just Made Himself Look Like A Complete Idiot

donald trump

More than 6 in 10 Americans (64% to be exact) would definitely not vote for Donald Trump for president, a new Gallup Poll shows. After his ludicrous press conference today, that number could get to 75 per cent. 

At an airport press conference, Mr. Trump pronounced himself “very proud” of his role in getting the White House to “finally” release President Obama’s birth certificate. 

He then waded into the equally idiotic issue of President Obama’s academic record.  All in all, the press conference confirmed — if confirmation was needed — the widespread view that Mr. Trump is singularly unsuited to the job of President of the United States. 

President Obama, for his part, held a news conference immediately following Mr. Trump’s presser, in which he dismissed the conspiracy theories about his place of birth as patent nonsense and said that the country had much more important matters to deal with than side shows fanned by carnival barkers.

Having sawed the birthers off the plank by releasing his “long form” birth certificate, Mr. Obama seemed amused by the hubbub and pleased with the denouement.