Donald Trump is reportedly so dominant in calls with Theresa May that she only has 5 seconds to make her point

Christopher Furlong/GettyTheresa May and Donald Trump hold hands as they walk in the White House in January 2017.

  • Donald Trump constantly talks over Theresa May on the phone, Bloomberg reported.
  • May typically gets to speak for “five or 10 seconds” before Trump interrupts with a monologue, anonymous insiders and former British government officials said.

Prime Minister Theresa May is talked over by Donald Trump to such an extent that she struggles to get a word in edgeways, according to a new account of their relationship.

Bloomberg reported that their official phone conversations are so one-sided that May has no more than “five or 10 seconds to speak before he interrupts and launches into another monologue.”

The report on their relationship was informed by anonymous insiders and some former British government officials.

May has had several phone calls with Trump since he took office in January last year, and both the White House and Downing Street give official accounts summarising the exchanges.

However, they don’t publish transcripts, making it hard to assess the exact balance of the exchanges.

According to Bloomberg, the one-sided dynamic is typical of their relationship more broadly.

It describes a meeting during May’s visit to Washington, D.C., last year when May and her team similarly struggled to make themselves heard while Trump held court.

Business Insider contacted Downing Street for comment, but was told it does not comment on anonymous claims.


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