Donald Trump just had one of his wackiest nights of campaigning in a long time

Donald Trump delivered one of his most freewheeling nights in recent memory Wednesday, starting with a rally in Cincinnati and ending with a tweet that referenced the movie “Frozen.”

With former House Speaker Newt Gingrich — rumoured as a potential running mate — by his side, Trump swept the crowd at a Cincinnati rally into a frenzy during a roughly hour-long speech.

In it, he decried the media for claiming “he loves Saddam Hussein,” the former Iraqi dictator, slammed NBC’s Chuck Todd on multiple occassions, and announced that he regretted his staff deleting a tweet viewed by many as anti-Semitic.

“I don’t like mosquitoes!” he exclaimed at one point during the rally when a mosquito flew near the podium. “I don’t like those mosquitoes. I never did!”

David Plouffe, President Barack Obama’s former campaign manager, tweeted out the full video of Trump’s Cincinnati rally and simply said, “Must watch and share.”

To recap, Trump called the media a bunch of “liars” and “bad people,” slamming the press for reporting on his praise of Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator, during an event in North Carolina the night before.

“‘Donald Trump loves Saddam Hussein,'” Trump said, mimicking a hypothetical member of the press. “‘He loves Saddam Hussein.'”

“What I did say is that he was good at one thing — he was really good at one thing,” Trump said. “That was killing terrorists.”

“He didn’t wait around and give trials that lasted 18 years,” he continued. “And then after 18 years if they had the right lawyer, they erect a statue of the terrorist. Not with Trump.”

Trump insisted he thought Hussein was a “really bad guy” but continued to insist that he was “really good” at “killing terrorists.”

“I don’t love Saddam Hussein,” he said. “I hate Saddam Hussein. But he was damn good at killing terrorists and now terrorists, terrorist people go into Iraq — I said yesterday it’s the Harvard, the Harvard University, Harvard for terrorists.”

He said he regretted his campaign’s decision to delete the controversial weekend tweet.

The presumptive Republican nominee ripped the media — mainly CNN — for covering the controversial tweet that featured a six-pointed star, calling journalists from the television network “sick” on multiple occassions.

Trump insisted that the star featured in the tweet’s image, which attacked presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, was not the Star of David. The star was inscribed with the words “most corrupt candidate ever” and appeared next to an image of Clinton.

Trump had previously said it was instead a sheriff’s badge.

“So the star — which is a star, not the Star of David,” he said. “When they told me the Star of David, I said you’ve got to be kidding. How sick are they? They’re the one with the bad tendencies when they can think that way.”

He reiterated that CNN reporters are “sick,” “dishonest,” and “bad people,” before saying his staff should have kept the Saturday tweet up on his account.

“‘You shouldn’t have taken it down,'” he said, as if he was speaking to Dan Scavino, the senior aide who posted the tweet. “You know they took the star down. I said, ‘Too bad, you should have left it up. I would have rather defended it just leave it up and say no that’s not a Star of David it’s just a star.'”

“And I’ll tell you — someday I’ll tell you the real story of CNN,” he said. “But they’re sick.”

The image, which was posted to a white-supremacist message board days before being posted on Twitter by the Trump campaign, has ignited controversy.

He teased Gingrich’s role in his administration — and dropped other bits of news.

Trump promised Gingrich would somehow be a part of his theoretical administration..

As the crowd starting cheering, “Newt! Newt! Newt!,” Trump replied, “Wow. … I like that too. We like Newt.”

“Newt has been my friend for a long time,” he continued. “And I’m not saying anything and I’m not telling even Newt anything, but I can tell you, in one form or another, Newt Gingrich is going to be involved with our government.”

“He’s smart. He’s tough. He gets it,” Trump went on, amid growing cheers. “And he says I’m the biggest thing he’s ever seen in the history of politics.”

Later on, Trump praised Gingrich’s debating skills.

“I’m not saying it’s going to be Newt, but if it’s him, no one’s going to be beating him in the debates,” Trump said.

Trump also suggested that boxing promoter Don King and legendary college basketball coach Bobby Knight would be speaking at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland later this month.

He railed on Todd, the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

At two points in the rally, Trump took aim at “Sleepy Eyes,” his years-old nickname for the NBC host.

He railed on Todd for criticising him earlier Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” for not taking enough time to criticise presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump said he read pages of criticism on Clinton after FBI Director James Comey announced his department was recommending no charges for her use of private email servers as secretary of state.

“This really stupid guy, Chuck Todd, I won’t use his name,” Trump said. “I refuse to use his name. I refuse to call him ‘Sleepy Eyes!’ I refuse to call him ‘Sleepy Eyes!'”

He openly fought off a mosquito — and tied it to Clinton.

“There was a mosquito — I don’t want mosquitoes around me!” Trump exclaimed onstage when one approached him. “I don’t like mosquitoes! I don’t like those mosquitoes. I never did!”

“OK, speaking of mosquitoes — hello, Hillary,” he quipped. “How are you doing?”

He caused a frenzy on Twitter with a reference to ‘Frozen.’

In an attempt to push back against criticism of the tweet many viewed as anti-Semitic, Trump posted a tweet of a book about the Disney film “Frozen” that contained a six-pointed star.

“Where is the outrage for this Disney book?” he posted. “Is this the ‘Star of David’ also? Dishonest media! #Frozen”

The image used in the tweet was originally posted to a pro-Trump message board on Reddit under the thread “Disney is Anti-Semitic.”

NOW WATCH: DONALD TRUMP: ‘I hate Saddam Hussein but he was damn good at killing terrorists’

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