A look back at Donald Trump's most legendary insults -- and how his targets responded

As the current front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump attracts media scrutiny after nearly every interview he gives. 

But not so long ago, Trump’s ability to make headlines was helped by his penchant for insulting and engaging in feuds with other celebrities.

Over the years, Trump has been involved in a number of high-profile beefs with politicians, movie stars, and other public figures.

Though the real-estate magnate says he generally only attacks people who go after him first, he’s shown few qualms about going for the jugular, hurling amusing and frequently offensive insults at whoever stands in his path. It’s continued during his 2016 campaign, as he has lashed out at rivals, (former) business partners, and the media.

Here are some of Trump’s more notable insults over the years, and the targets who dished it to him.

Brand quickly responded, questioning Trump's own sobriety. 'Are you drunk when you write these tweets? Or does that foam you spray on your bald head make you high?' (Trump does not drink alcohol.)

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In 2013, Trump tweeted out an insult at a man who has recently sang his praises -- Mark Cuban. 'Sorry folks, but Donald Trump is far richer and much better looking than dopey (Cuban),' Trump said.

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After Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) called Trump a 'jackass' for questioning Sen. John McCain's (R-Arizona) war record, Trump gave out Graham's personal mobile phone number, saying that he 'actually probably seems to me not as bright, honestly, as (former Texas Gov.) Rick Perry.'


Trump has been a longtime critic of the current president as well. In 2011, he called on to release his birth certificate and referred to him as the 'worst president in American history.'

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Source: Business Insider

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