Donald Trump vows to 'spend big' on campaign after holding his fire all year

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that he’s finally going to dig into his personal fortune to run televised campaign ads.

“My campaign for president is $35,000,000 under budget, I have spent very little (and am in 1st place),” he wrote on Twitter, adding that he would soon “spend big” in three early-voting states: Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

In November, Trump’s campaign announced that it would start running radio ads, but the real-estate mogul has yet to launch much pricier television commercials. Television ads often make up the bulk of a presidential campaign budget. Trump, however, has relied on free media coverage and right-leaning outlets to get his message out.

That may be about to change. Fox News’ Howard Kurtz reported Monday that Trump’s campaign said it would “soon launch a major ad blitz that could cost at least $2 million a week, and possibly several times that.”

Trump has frequently boasted that he is self-funding his presidential bid. But according to his October campaign-finance report, a large percentage of his spending came from individual contributions. Much of that went to apparel, such as his famous “Make America Great Again” hats.

The Republican front-runner also said Tuesday that his relatively cheap campaign is a model for how the federal government should treat taxpayer dollars:

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