Donald Trump Determined To Be Head Of The Birther Party: Obama Has ‘Spent Millions Trying Get Away From Issue’

Donald Trump apparently intends to run for President on the platform that Obama was not actually born in this country and has been covering it up for 40-odd years.

Either that or he is secretly filming a Birther Apprentice reality show to be aired at some future date.

On Fox and Friends (naturally) this morning Trump doubled down on last week’s View appearance where he declared there was something on Obama’s birth certificate he didn’t want the nation to see.

Turns out that was nothing.  This morning Trump said “he was insulted” by Whoopi Goldberg‘s suggestion this birther thing is about race and moreover “why can’t Obama produce a birth certificate.”

“[Obama’s] spent millions of dollars trying to get away from this issue…I’m starting to wonder myself whether he was born in this country.”

Welcome to the 2012 election cycle.  Video below.