Donald Trump unveils creepy-sounding Instagram attack ad targeting Bill Clinton

Donald Trump is escalating his critiques of former President Bill Clinton’s decades-old incidents of alleged sexual misconduct. 

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s campaign on Tuesday posted a video on his Instagram account featuring interview clips of women who have accused the former president of sexual misconduct. The video included past comments from Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer.

Set to creepy, minor-key music, the video spliced together the accusation that Clinton “assaulted” women before playing a clip for Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton laughing. 

“Is Hillary really protecting women?” Trump read the caption in the video.

This isn’t the first time Trump has targeted Clinton’s history with women. Of the women mentioned in the video, Clinton has denied Willey’s accusation that Clinton grabbed and kissed her at the White House in 1993.

Broaddrick alleged in 1999 that Clinton had sexually assaulted and raped her more than two decades before. She revived those allegations earlier this year. Clinton, through a lawyer, has long ago denied her claims.

Monday’s video was also the latest of Trump’s broadsides against the former president on Instagram. In a post earlier this year, Trump invoked Bill Cosby and Monica Lewinsky, captioning the former president under the headline, “Liar, Liar.”

Trump’s push to undermine trust in Clinton comes as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee continues to maintain low levels of popularity among female voters. Trump has received the lowest favorability ratings among female voters of any major 2016 presidential candidate.

Democrats are already hammering Trump for his numerous inflammatory statements about women. 

Last week, a super PAC backing Hillary Clinton posted an ad prominently featuring Trump’s past comments on women’s bodies. The ad showed women reading his statements about famous women, included his assertion that “a person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 10,” as well as his judgment that reality-television star Kim Kardashian does not have a good body but “absolutely” has a “fat a–.”

Despite his new targeting of Bill Clinton’s past allegations, the real-estate magnate has taken a different tone previously when addressing the former president’s conduct. 

Watch Trump’s ad below:

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