TRUMP: Ben Carson keeps lying!

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump piled on presidential rival Ben Carson after an explosive Friday story revealed he had fabricated his history with West Point.

“WOW, one of many lies by Ben Carson! Big story,” Trump reacted on Twitter.

The Republican businessman also retweeted a series of supporters slamming Carson, such as one who wrote: “How anyone could see him as president baffles me. Lies and insane theories.” 

Earlier in the afternoon, Politico’s Kyle Cheney reported that Carson’s campaign acknowledged that the candidate had not been offered a scholarship to attend the US Military Academy at West Point, as the inspirational author wrote in his memoir, “Gifted Hands.”

That admission followed a prominent CNN investigation, which aired Thursday, detailing the network’s efforts to find corroborating evidence for other parts of Carson’s history.

In his memoir, Carson said he had multiple violent episodes as a young teenager, including attacking his mother and attempting to stab a friend.

CNN reported that it talked to people who knew Carson 50 years ago, when the incidents were said to have occurred, but no one was familiar with Carson’s attacks. The retired neurosurgeon blasted the report as a “bunch of lies” on Friday, insisting that he had not provided enough details for the media to invade the privacy of his victims.

Trump has also repeatedly taunted Carson over the CNN investigation and his unusual theory about the origins of the Egyptian pyramids.

“He hit a friend in the face with a [rock]. He tried to kill somebody with a knife and he said he suffers from pathological disease. OK?” Trump said in a interview set to air on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” later Friday, according to a transcript. “When you suffer from pathological disease, you’re not really getting better unless you start taking lots of pills and things.”

He added: “There’s something very strange here, there’s something very strange that’s going on.”

Trump and Carson are the two leading candidates — by a healthy margin — in the vast majority of Republican primary polls. And as Carson has surged in recent days, Trump has turned up the heat.

Here’s all of Trump’s Friday tweets ripping into Carson:

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