Donald Trump fires back at 'sad and pathetic' billionaire Barry Diller

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump trashed media mogul Barry Diller over the weekend after Diller mocked the Republican front-runner’s presidential campaign.

“Little Barry Diller, who lost a fortune on Newsweek and Daily Beast, only writes badly about me. He is a sad and pathetic figure. Lives lie!” Trump exclaimed on Twitter.

Trump’s Saturday tweet followed the fellow billionaire’s comments about him earlier in the week.

“If Donald Trump doesn’t fall, I’ll either move out of the county or join the resistance … the real resistance,” Diller said Tuesday at Bloomberg Market’s Most Influential Summit.

Diller, founder and chairman of IAC Interactive, didn’t stop there. 

“He is a self-promoting huckster who found a vein, a vein of meanness and nastiness,” Diller said. “He has no communication strategy except to be what he has always been: a nasty, mean person criticising people and doing silly, kind-of-showman stuff.”

In addition to calling Diller “sad,” Trump retweeted a supporter who mocked Diller’s business savvy:

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