Trump just put Merck's CEO on blast over drug prices -- here's what its track record actually looks like

  • President Donald Trump called out Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier after he resigned from the president’s manufacturing council, saying that Frazier will have more time to lower drug prices.
  • Merck, a major pharmaceutical company, hasn’t been among the drugmakers called out for hiking the price of prescription drugs and has taken steps to be more transparent about how it sets prices.

Merck’s CEO Kenneth Frazier left the president’s manufacturing council, after the Trump administration failed to explicitly denounce white nationalism after violence erupted over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Almost immediately, President Donald Trump fired back, turning the conversation toward drug pricing. Trump has been vocal about the rising price of prescription drugs, though he has been largely quiet on the topic in the past few months apart from a reported draft drug pricing executive order.

Trump said in a tweet that now Frazier has resigned, “he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!”

Merck, which known for its cancer immunotherapy drug Keytruda and its vaccines business, has not been among the pharmaceutical companies that have been called out for hiking the prices of prescription drugs. That’s unlike the makers of the emergency allergy medication EpiPen, companies that make a life-saving diabetes medication, and, perhaps the most infamous, the company that raised the price of a decades-old drug to treat a parasitic infection by 5,000%.

Here’s Merck’s track record with drug pricing

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