Donald Trump to Anderson Cooper: 'The people don't trust you'

Anderson cooper donald trump2CNN/screengrabAnderson Cooper, right, interviews Donald Trump.

Real-estate magnate Donald Trump had another combative interview on Wednesday.

At one point in his wide-ranging discussion with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Trump interrupted him to castigate Cooper and the political media in general for being unfair.

“Let me tell you, the people don’t you and the people don’t trust the media. And I understand why,” he said. “Some of the political media is great and really honest. Even if they don’t want to be, they’re really honest. But I find that 60%, 70% of the political media is really, really dishonest.”

Trump was reacting to Cooper asking questions about his negative poll numbers in specific states. The real-estate mogul told Cooper that he should instead be asking about the national polls that show him leading the Republican presidential primary.

“I don’t know. You keep bringing up negative,” he said. “Why don’t you talk about positive polls?” 

“I did!” Cooper interjected.

The two continued to interrupt each other, as Trump told Cooper how unfair it was to be focus on the few surveys showing potential trouble for his campaign. Cooper repeatedly insisted that he actually had asked about the positive polls that Trump said he hadn’t mentioned.

“You started off the interview with a poll that I didn’t even know existed,” he said, as Cooper tried to jump back into the discussion. “All I know is every poll I’m leading in. And you give me these two polls where it’s different states. They’re not even a national poll. 

“I just think it’s really unfair. You’re talking about a poll I never even saw. It’s not even a poll,” Trump added. “You started off the interview with that. You don’t say I led in the Fox poll. I’m leading  in the ABC/Washington Post poll. I’m leading across the board.”

Watch below:

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