Donald Trump's new app encourages supporters to donate and earn badges like "TrumpForce1"

If you don’t already get enough Donald Trump news, you’re in luck: There’s an app for that.

Trump’s “America First” app was quietly made available in the App Store and Google Play last week. Supporters of the Trump campaign can use the app to donate, check in at Trump rallies, and keep up with Trump’s posts on social media.

Every action you do in the app, such as inviting others to join, earns badges like “Apprentice,” “TrumpTrain,” “TrumpForce1,” “MAGA,” and “BigLeague.”

There’s also a countdown timer to the general election in November that reads, “Time Left Until We Defeat Crooked Hillary.”

As of Monday, America First had a perfect average rating of five stars in the App Store.

“This is going to be YUGE!” wrote one reviewer. “This is the kind of connectivity that makes me happy I’m with Trump.”

You have to create an account with an email address or Facebook login to use the app, which then asks for access to your phone’s address book.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign released its own app last month that gives supporters discounts on merchandise and lets them earn virtual points by completing tasks like policy quizzes.

Trump’s app was made by uCampaign, an organisation that created a very similar app for Ted Cruz’s campaign.

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