Donald Trump's new adviser repeatedly bashed him as 'SleazyDonald' in a bunch of now-deleted tweets

Donald Trump’s new senior communications adviser bashed the real-estate mogul on Twitter in a series of now-deleted tweets.

Jason Miller, who formerly worked for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, mocked the Manhattan billionaire on several occasions, referring to him as “#SleazyDonald.”

The tweets from Miller dated as recently as early May, right as Trump clinched the GOP nomination.

Miller was officially announced as a new hire in a Trump campaign release Tuesday morning.

“Mr. Miller will work with several areas of the campaign to ensure messaging coordination and implementation,” the campaign release said. “Mr. Miller has managed campaigns and shaped messages for successful House, Senate and gubernatorial races in addition to serving on the senior staffs of two presidential campaigns.”

In a pair of the now-deleted tweets, first flagged by the liberal blog ThinkProgress, Miller called Trump “the Carl Lewis of flip-flopping” after the real estate magnate made controversial statements regarding abortion rights in late March. He later asked “which lobbyist wrote Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech today” after Trump delivered an address in late April.

It is unclear if the Trump campaign was aware of the tweets, and a representative did not return a request for comment from Business Insider.

Here are Miller’s now deleted tweets, courtesy of ThinkProgress:

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