Donald Trump is about to get hit by a barrage of attack ads

Donald trump adYouTube/screenshotA scene from the Right to Rise attack ad.

Groups opposing Donald Trump’s candidacy are ramping up their efforts to defeat him ahead of the February 20 primary in South Carolina.

On Friday, two of those groups announced that they would launch major television-commercial campaigns against Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner.

Right to Rise USA, the big-money super PAC backing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), released an ad titled “Iceberg.”

In the ad, an ice sculpture of Trump is depicted melting as a narrator castigated the real-estate mogul for deviating from the conservative cause. The narrator also suggested that Trump would lose a general election to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Mike Murphy, the GOP consultant who runs the pro-Bush super PAC, wrote on Twitter that the ad would start running nationally Friday on Fox News.

“Coming soon to SC and more places,” he added.

View the ad below:

Meanwhile, the conservative group Club for Growth also announced Friday that it would start running an attack ad against Trump in South Carolina. The group said it was investing roughly $1.5 million behind the anti-Trump campaign.

The Club for Growth’s commercial similarly accused Trump of not being a true conservative. The narrator highlighted Trump’s past support for Democrats and left-leaning policies.

“There’s nothing conservative about proposing the largest tax hike in history. There’s nothing conservative about supporting socialised, single-payer healthcare,” the narrator said. “There’s nothing conservative about Donald Trump,” he concluded.

The Club for Growth also launched an attack ad against Trump last September. The billionaire responded by accusing the group of lying about his record and threatening a lawsuit.

On Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) presidential campaign also released a harsh new commercial going after Trump.

View the Club for Growth’s new ad below:

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